The Riji are the President’s board of directors.  They do not supplant teacher – student relationships nor do they direct dojo activities.  The Riji perform the following functions: 1) Finance, 2) International Affairs, 3) Records, 4) Promotions, 5) Activities, 6) Webmaster and 7) Legal.  Other Riji positions may be assigned as required.  The Riji assist in administering the association as a distinct and separate function from promulgating the art of Okinawan Karate.  Riji are appointed by the Kaicho.

  • Riji cho: Chris Estes
  • Administrative Assistant: Shannon Perry
  • Finance Director: Bill Alexander
  • International Affairs Director: Jason Perry
  • Promotions Coordinator: Shannon Perry
  • Webmaster: Tom Harris
  • Events Coordinator: Mel Meibers
  • Newletter Coordinator: Aubrianne Perry