Okinawa Home Stay Scholarship Program



Doug Perry, President
Okinawa Shorinryu Karatedo Kobudo Kensankai
P.O. Box 122
Flat Rock, NC 28731

Okinawa Shorinryu Karatedo Kobudo Kensankai Members

Kensankai Kamei Dojo Sensei,

It is with great pleasure I announce the Okinawa Shorinryu Kensankai 2018 Okinawa Homestay Grant Program.  The purpose of this program is to allow one devoted student from among the Kensankai Kamei Dojo to live, train and experience Okinawan history and culture for a period of approximately two weeks from July 25 to August 10, 2018 (these dates may changed based on availability of the selectee and arrangements with Okinawan hosts).  The selected individual will receive air fare and a living stipend to cover the preponderance of lodging, food, transportation and tickets costs during his or her stay.  Upon returning to the United States, the selected individual will share his or her experiences with the broader Kensankai community.  I envision this program becoming an annual activity through which the association can enrich the Karate journey of an individual karateka through participation in the homestay program, encourage a sense of community between our U.S.-based dojo and associate dojo in Okinawa, and forge personal relationships between Kensankai members and our fellow Okinawan Karateka.

Program:  The Homestay Program is conducted in cooperation with the Okinawa Shobukan Karate Association led by Hanshi Gibo Giyu who has graciously extended his support in pursuing this program.  The program will consist of the following elements:

  1. Live in a home with a host family or in an individual guest house in Urasoe city (just north of Naha and near Shuri Castle) provided by the Shobukan.
  2. Daily Karate and Kobudo training at Gibo sensei’s dojo. The participant can expect to teach classes if invited.
  3. Participation in the 1st Okinawa World Karate Taikai at the Okinawa Karate Kaikan (August 1-5).
  4. Tours historical sites of Okinawan karate. These tours will include:
    1. Hokama sensei’s Karate Museum in Nishihara
    2. Itosu Yasutsune and Motobu Choki’s marker
    3. Chibana Choshin and Nakazato Shugoro’s grave sites
    4. Kumemura (Naha)
  5. Tours of historical and cultural sites of Okinawa
    1. Shuri Castle area
    2. Peace Memorial Park
    3. Naval Underground Headquarters
    4. Himeyuri caves
    5. Nakajin castle ruins (Motobu peninsula)
    6. Churaumi aquarium


Requirements: This is a unique opportunity and the Kensankai can only select students who have a demonstrated devotion to the study of traditional Okinawan Karate.  The participant will be selected through a collaborative process between individual dojo owners and a committee of Kensankai Kyoshi.  Please note this activity is in cooperation with the Shobukan Association, therefore, all Shobukan karateka who meet the eligibility requirements are invited to apply.  The individual we seek will display the following traits:

  1. Sankyu through Yondan rank in Karate
  2. Sankyu through Shodan rank in Kobudo
  3. Demonstrated leadership in the dojo and community (exemplar personal conduct, instructing, counseling, serving, and, for student applicants, high academic achievement)
  4. Age 18 and up with the maturity requisite to function responsibly in a foreign host culture (This program anticipates the participant will need to be resourceful, independent and assertive)
  5. In superior physical condition (Okinawan summers are hot, the training will be challenging and the daily schedule will require increased, sustained physical activity)
  6. A student of Okinawan history, culture and the Japanese language demonstrated through personal study

Timeline:  Dates of the Homestay trip itself will be set in coordination with Gibo sensei’s staff and the schedule of the selected participant but are anticipated during the months of June to August 2018.  Tentative interim dates are as follows:

  1. Application deadline: February 1, 2018
  2. Selection announcement: March 1, 2018
  3. Airline Tickets purchased: May 1, 2018
  4. Passport and Visa processing complete: June 1 (responsibility of individual)
  5. Homestay program: On or about July 25-August 10

Selection Process:  Applications will be posted via the Okinawa Shorinryu Kensankai website at  The selection process will be a collaborative effort of a Kensankai selection committee.  The committee will welcome and expect Kamei Dojo head input and recommendations during the selection process.  Ultimate approval of the selected karateka rests with Perry Kaicho.

Funding: The grant will consist of:

  1. A fully funded round trip flight to Okinawa
  2. Lodging arrangements for the duration of the stay
  3. Reikin (Culturally appropriate gratuities) for host dojo and host family
  4. Food and transportation stipend to partially offset food and transportation costs (the selectee may incur some personal expenses depending on duration and activities)
  5. Tour and entry fee stipend
  6. A plaque from the Kensankai to the host family (if applicable) and Gibo dojo

Participants will be responsible for the following:

  1. Passport and Visa fees
  2. Transportation to and from airport of origin in the U.S.
  3. The grant will partially offset food and transportation costs and participants are expected to use local markets vice eating out.
  4. Small personal gifts from the participant to host family and others where applicable
  5. Souvenir shopping or social activities

Estimated Funds:

Item Estimate
Airfare $2,000
Lodging $500
Food and Transportation $500
Entrance Fees and Tours $300
Reikin $600
Association Gifts $100
Approximate Total Grant $4,000



Insurance Requirements:

The selected karateka must provide proof of medical insurance and will be required to sign a hold harmless agreement for any liability against the Shorin Ryu Kensankai Non-Profit Organization.

My sincere desire is to share with you and your students the experience of training in Okinawa and learning firsthand the culture and people from which our art flows.  I look forward to working with you to organize a successful program.

Yours in Karatedo,
Doug Perry, President
Hanshi, Kyudan
Okinawa Shorinryu Karatedo Kobudo Kensankai